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Oil Air compressor 500 Lit 5.5HP

Air compressor 500 Lit 5.5HP Belt Driven, Air Compressor supplied for industrial uses and are high in demand. we are able to provide quality tested products at the most nominal market price range.

piston data 500lit 5.5HP

Oil Air compressor 500 Lit 5.5HP

Piston air compressors with belt from 2 to 20 HP are equipped with the powerful and reliable two-cylinder, single stage and two stage..

– High performance at low running speeds.
– Reduced vibrations, which also reduces the noise level.
– Oil level inspection glass.
– Synthetic oil to ensure improved lubrication of moving parts
– Balanced sizing of the pumping unit, electric motor and capacity of the tank.
Powder painting to guarantee perfect and lasting wear.

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